Roadmap for future releases


Nothing here is set in stone. This list is simply a bucket to record my thoughts about the possible future of Aglyph.

The next release may or may not include any of items listed here, and might even include items not listed here.

  • There’s quite a bit of disdain for XML in the Python community. I personally do not agree with it, but that’s the reality. Regardless of whether or not the anti-XML sentiments are warranted, though, it does at least suggest that there might be a place for an alternative non-programmatic (i.e. text-based) configuration option for Aglyph. I’m mulling over json, configparser, and YAML at the moment.
  • I have encountered several real-world scenarios which suggest that support for bound factory methods as an object creation strategy is needed. (These scenarios come almost exclusively from the Java world, but Aglyph is committed to supporting Jython, so…)