What’s new in release 3.0.0.post1?

This is just a small “housekeeping” (post-)release.


There is no immediate reason to upgrade from 3.0.0, as no core functionality has changed.

The updates to Aglyph 3.0.0.post1 testing summary are valid for release 3.0.0 as well as this post-release.

  • Python 3.7 is now officially supported. (Cumulatively, Python 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 are officially supported.)
  • Aglyph 3.0.0.post1 testing summary has been updated with recent Python versions, variants and platforms to match the officially supported versions.
  • A small change in the aglyph._compat module related to IronPython detection (the purpose of which is to keep detection logic the same between Aglyph and Autologging).
  • Some documentation-related updates:
    • upgraded the Sphinx version (and therefore the documentation Makefile) used to generate the HTML docs
    • switch to using the (default) Alabaster Sphinx theme
    • added a warning in The Aglyph Context fluent API regarding the absence of __qualname__ in Python versions < 3.3
  • PyPI/Setuptools changes:
  • One deprecation: the aglyph.version_info module attribute (which should not have been public in the first place)